What exactly makes a good strapline, slogan or name?

What exactly makes a good strapline, slogan or name?

They must:

  • Be memorable
  • Be easy to pronounce
  • Stand out among your competitors
  • Have global appeal
  • Be acceptable across cultures

A good brand naming copywriter will consider all of the above, while coming up with a name that – in this digital age – would work well as a URL. This is extremely important. Along with the fact that your name or strapline can’t already exist, nor can anything too similar.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t be creative. You just might require a bit of assistance so that the words that represent your brand best carry through the message of what you do, along with your mission.

What’s good for one company, may be bad for another. A branding copywriter must consider what the brand identity naming elements should include.

For instance, if a name should explicitly mention what they do or not. Or how to incorporate company values in a name or strapline. Or what type of name to use.

As an example, you could name your company after you, simply by using your first name and surname. John Lewis is the perfect example of a reputable brand with a simple yet memorable name.

You could also use a descriptive name such as my own. Copywriting describes what I do, and Aspect describes how I assist in forming your brand image by using words that will make your target audience look at your brand from an angle that will make them want to invest.

Hence my strapline: taking your brand in the right direction (this is an example of how a good, long-lasting corporate strapline will marry with your name).

Another option is using a relevant object to come up with a creative name. The infamous Coca-Cola name was born from the coca leaves & kola nuts used as ingredients in the drink.

You could also choose initials and abbreviations. H&M and Asda are proof of this. Their names are shortened forms of Hennes and Mauritz & Asquith and Dairies. And UPS is an initialised version of the lengthy United Parcel Service of America, inc.

Somehow, I don’t think the non-abbreviated version of any of these would work well as a URL.

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