Website copy

Website copy

What’s the use in having an eye-catching, brand spanking new website if the copy is drab?

You need content on your CMS that makes people go OOOO rather than ZZZZ.

That’s where I come in: I’ll help you to find the right words for your little hub of the internet.

And I don’t just put together words that look pretty. They do things, too. How?

  • I take into consideration the user experience as soon as they land on your website, and I do this by creating words that turn your website into a journey
  • I consider the ways a visitor may move through your web pages, and produce copy that will make them stop, take it all in, and seriously consider taking action
  • I optimise your website to make sure users find what they are looking for sooner, and make it easier for them to find pages relevant to them
  •  I seamlessly integrate keywords for SEO purposes without clumsily stuffing them in so people can find you and be converted into faithful customers

If you want your site map revised, I’ll create a plan of what each web page needs to cover in a recommended order, then I’ll create the copy for these accordingly. And SEO is always at the forefront of my mind.

Sound easy? You’ll be happy to know that I’m just as easy to work with, and I’ll always be honest about what’s best for your website.

Writing web copy is one of my favourite things to do, so if you’d love to hire a copywriter with a real passion for quality web content, ping me to get the ball rolling.