Brand style guides

Brand style guides

‘Copy style’, ‘brand voice’, ‘tone of voice’ or ‘verbal identity’. Whatever you call it, having a distinctive voice for your brand is a must.

You probably put a lot of effort into creating your web page, logo and typography. In fact, many companies commission designers, photographers and web designers to make their brand recognisable. So why not hire a professional copywriter to give your brand a voice?

After-all, a brand voice is a crucial part of your brand identity. Some might say it’s the most important. I certainly do.

Think about it, you carry your message through all your channels. The most effective way to do this is by using a consistent, distinctive brand voice to give your copy a style in which it is written on all platforms, whether it be a tweet, a status update, an ad, a tagline or a blog post. Anything you write for your brand.

Look up the communications of some of the most well-known brands out there. Even without seeing their logo, you could probably guess it’s them just by reading their copy.

Thinking up an effective brand voice takes more than choosing ‘formal’, ‘informal’, ‘witty’, ‘serious’, ‘compassionate’, ‘jargon-filled’ etc. A good brand voice comes out of considering your brand values and the core message you want to send out.

That way, your copy will encompass your brand values across all platforms, making for a seamless customer experience while giving your brand that all-important personality that makes you immediately distinguishable.

How do I help my clients find their voice?

After having you fill out a copywriting briefing form so I can learn about your brand, I then come up with a minimum of three copy styles that I believe will reflect your values and brand identity well. This service consists of unlimited free revisions.

I will then create a comprehensive brand voice style guide for you (in a format of your choice), which consists of a set of rules, exclusions and so on that best reflect your verbal identity.

That way, anyone who writes for your brand has a style guide to refer to in order to comply to the brand voice.

And if you would like to use any of my other services, such as web copy or email marketing, I will apply the established brand voice. I’ll make every word count.

Get in touch so we can talk about your verbal identity.