Effective Copywriting: Selling The Outcome

Effective Copywriting: Selling The Outcome

Effective copywriting doesn’t describe a service, product or brand. It sells the outcome: what your target audience can get from it.

When someone searches on the web for a travel agency, they already know that they’re going to visit the web page of a travel agency. Therefore, ‘Established in 1982, [Company name] is a travel agency that prides itself on…’ tells the website user nothing new. They are wasted, empty words and make the process from marketing something to selling it much longer.

Good copywriting endorses a product or service by highlighting what benefits the market will receive from buying into it. It doesn’t tell, it shows what the product means for the customer.

The travel agency would be better off sharing the impressive number hotels in their portfolio and the USPs of the travel & hotel experiences they offer. Good copy involves facts that the target audience otherwise wouldn’t have known about, and it excludes many of the obvious details.

Excellent copy sets the brand apart, and emphasises why it’s the best choice without uttering the words ‘best choice’.

Families don’t want a builder, they want a sturdy, well-built, well-integrated extension.

Businesses don’t want a copywriter, they want to transform their website to increase conversion rates.

That old sweet shop down the road doesn’t sell sweets. It sells traditional sweets that have delighted generations.

By putting this concept into practice while creating content, your target audience will know much sooner that their needs can be met. This in turn makes the sale happen much quicker. Everyone wins.

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