Copywriting Success: How Finding Your Niche Can Mean Business

Copywriting Success: How Finding Your Niche Can Mean Business

Identify your niche and dominate it. And when I say dominate, I just mean work harder than anyone else could possibly work at it – Nate Parker

Think of your target audience as a single, fictional character. What do they enjoy? What type of job do they do? Their values? Interests? Needs?

You get the picture. This is your market niche. You specialise in products or services aimed at satisfying aspects of your character’s personal profile and fulfilling their needs, and you strive to survive against your competitors who hope to do the same.

You need copy that shouts “pick me! pick me!”

Then, there will always be a second character lurking in the background. They don’t quite understand your niche, but are still interested in finding out more.

This character represents your potential customers, and it’s important that your words can be understood by them, too.

This means you have to cut out any business jargon from your communications (that is unless you’re a business that has an extremely targeted audience that is aimed at, for instance, civil engineers).

So how can you put this into practice?

As an example, a professional copywriter can cut out the middleman by removing any mention of their services being aimed towards “businesses of all sizes, big or small.”

Not only is this overused, but it doesn’t actually tell us anything about what the business does. It’s information we could go without having in that it contributes nothing towards how consumers see your brand.

Instead, the copywriter can write directly to their target audience: people who want to better their consumer’s brand image and improve their copy so that it brings in more customers.

These people want a copywriting service that promotes “taking [their] brand in the right direction.” So, something that will do good things for their business. Company size needn’t even come into it.

Your copy should be laden with your company values and what it is promising.

When you write to talk to the right audience, you realise that much of the stuff that had previously been written is vague and pointless.

Empty words serve no purpose in bringing in potential customers. In fact, it can contribute to a negative brand image. No one likes a cliché.

The theory is simple. Writing to a tighter target market = less empty words. More meaningful words = successful copywriting.

Once you have found your niche, you can write words that will appeal to your audience using your company personality.

Your company personality is the same personality you imagine that fictional character to have. This also happens to be the very thing that makes you different from any other company.

Don’t expect people to work out your market niche, or your message. Put it in front of them. Show them what you can do and be clear in order to be heard.

And most importantly, carry this message through all your communications. Be consistent.

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