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The Importance Of Standing For Something: Company Values For Better Copywriting

The Importance Of Standing For Something: Company Values For Better Copywriting

If you don’t stand for something, how can anyone respect what you do? – Miranda Lambert

It’s obvious. When we buy into a product or a service, we are choosing one company over its competitors. In doing that, we are expressing our identities by portraying some aspect of what we stand for, and that is because the company is saying something that sits nicely with how we think.

This is the importance of standing for something as a company: having values, a mission, clear company identity, and communicating this all well so it can appeal to potential customers.

And that’s why it’s vital to have a seamless brand voice that’s described in a style guide to create a company personality that consumers relate to.

Company values can be communicated implicitly through what you say and how you say it, or explicitly through your content and tagline.

For instance, a travel photographer might believe they are on a journey to share images of today that will last generations. As a result, their choice of language for their website may be warm, friendly and full of sentimental phrases.

The same person may also express their values through the slogan, “Images For The Ages.”

In thinking about what your business stands for, what you care about should be obvious if you’re an established company.

There’s no use trying to come up with it out of nowhere because, trust me, it will show. That’s why so many company’s have such vague values which are displayed through taglines such as “building relationships that last.” This doesn’t sound like a cliché for no reason.

You’ll hear me talk a lot about empty words, and that’s because it’s what I find often separates plain business writing from copywriting.

If a company doesn’t consider what they can offer from the perspective of a consumer – what sets them apart from other businesses in their field – then their content will not set them apart.

Personality is a big part of identity, and values can be expressed through personality. And in marketing, personality is power. It’s how market leaders get ahead of their game.