So, who’s behind aspect copywriting?

I’m Hannah, Founder of Aspect Copywriting and lover of language.

I know how to use words that charm, empower and captivate people in a way that makes them think, “yes! this is perfect for me!”

Making connections with words is my forte.

My education in English Language, Linguistics and Copywriting has given me a real zest for the power of words.

With my marketing background, I understand what makes people tick, and what turns them off.

I understand that every company has its own needs and that every business is different.

I believe in making this individuality known through words with lots of personality. I let this identity be what reaps the benefits for your business.

I’ve managed successful marketing campaigns that sell products and services for small and multinational organisations.

Along the way, I’ve seen what drives people to taking action.

I have also seen campaigns that failed and found out what went wrong. A common source of the problem? The words people use.

Writing for businesses and copywriting are two very different things. Business lacks that all-important personality and reads nothing like how humans talk. It’s robots talking to people.

Copywriting, on the other hand, is people talking to people. And, assuming your message is aimed at humans, that’s what humans like.

So what?

The bottom line is this: I know how to produce engaging copy that sells and makes people act. And that is why I decided to start Aspect Copywriting. I get to do what I love while helping businesses achieve their objectives along the way.